Get A Whole Body Massage Through Your Feet

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot specialist and recognized authority as well as leading expert on foot health and wellness practicing in both Warren and Troy, Michigan talks about how getting a foot massage can affect your whole body.

massageWhile the eyes may be the window to the soul the feet are definitely the foundation of relaxation and even good health. Many different cultures and civilizations have historically seen the feet as a mini-picture of a person’s health and have used foot massage, and the use of pressure points in the feet, as a way to create feelings of relaxation, calmness, stress relief as well as help different systems in the body to function.

The use of pressure points in the feet can be used with children, adults and seniors. This type of reflexology or specific massage is common in many Eastern cultures and is simple and easy to learn. You cause it to soothe a colicky child or to help a loved on relax and calm down after a hard day at work.

Basically the foot contains many different nerves and nerve bundles. By applying gentle pressure in specific locations it is possible to stimulate those nerves to create specific sensations elsewhere in the body.

Foot Massage Basics

You don’t have to take a massage class to give a wonderful foot massage. It is, however, important to understand where and how to massage. Apply only gentle pressure and never push hard into a particular part of the foot. You can use a lotion or oil to help the hands to move over the foot and many people prefer a peppermint or lavender essential oil.

The specific areas to focus on include:

  • Toes –from the tip of the big toe to the joint of the little toe will all provide release of tension and muscle pain the head and neck. This is also the area of the foot associated with the ears, eyes, and glands as well as the sinuses.
  • Ball of the foot – this is the area of the foot connected with the chest area. It runs from the base of the toes to the beginning of the arch in a horizontal band.
  • Waist and abdominal area – the narrowest part of the foot across the arch and sole. Gently massaging the area directly below the ball of the feet will help with stomach discomfort and closer to the heel can help with digestive
  • The heel – this correlates to the pelvic area and can be very helpful in reducing discomfort in menstruation and pregnancy.

The heel is also the area of the body that can be massaged to relieve pain of sciatica as well as allow upper and lower leg pain. Just try it out, work slowly and you will discover just where the different areas are on the feet that give you that whole body feel good experience.

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