Things You Never Knew About The Biggest Stars

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot specialist and recognized authority as well as leading expert on foot health and wellness practicing in both Warren and Troy, Michigan talks about tips for measuring your child’s feet for boots and shoes:

When it comes to knowing about celebrities and stars, fans often may feel like they have everything there is to know about the person. Celebrities, just like anyone else, often have issues and less than perfect aspects to their body. It may be very surprising for fans to know that many female celebrities have major foot problems that they have been covering up for years.

One of the biggest issues for many celebrities, particularly female celebrities, is the fashion forward or “fashion above all else” lifestyle that they lead. After all, walking the red carpet at an awards banquet or a premiere of a latest movie wouldn’t be as dramatic without the elaborate gowns and the incredible footwear which is as much a part of these events as the stars themselves.

This emphasis on mile high heels, extreme shoe shapes and even the lack of support offered by these shoes doesn’t come without a price. Female celebrities that constantly wear these types of shoes and that don’t wear well-designed, sensible and supportive footwear may find the condition of their feet may make these extreme shoes impossible to wear.

Celebrities with Foot Issues

Wearing high heels every now and then isn’t a problem, but continual wear over years really does lead to less than healthy feet. You may be surprised to learn the following celebrities have issues with their feet that may be linked to their choice in shoes.

  • Oprah – this famous woman needs no introduction but you may be surprised to find that she has chronic foot issues including bunions that are actually retouched so they aren’t visible in photographs.
  • Iman – famous for modeling, acting and ethical cosmetics, this well-known celebrity has issues with bunions and hammertoe.
  • Katie Holmes – like other people on this list she has very pronounced hammertoe on both feet.
  • Angelina Jolie – unlike some female stars Angelina Jolie recognizes her problems with flat feet and uses specialized orthotics to help reduce any pain associated with the condition.
  • Paris Hilton – this celebrity is rarely photographed or seen out of high heels. This constant pressure on her toes has created very obvious bunions.

While there is nothing wrong with high heels for a special occasion, ongoing wear will cause damage to the foot. Take it from these stars, even the best designer heels are not as healthy as those sensible flats.

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