Test Your Thanksgiving Foot Health Knowledge!

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Our poor feet are often the part of our body that we don’t stop to consider unless we are experiencing some type of foot pain or discomfort. Then, if we have blisters, pains or aches, our foot health and ending the pain becomes the most important thing we consider.

To ensure you have top foot health the entire year take some time and work through this Thanksgiving foot health challenge. See how prepared you are to have comfortable tootsies while you are out walking around doing all that Black Friday shopping.

The Best Shoes to Wear for Walking Are …?
For walking any distance, and for overall foot health, the best shoes are those that have a low to flat heel, are fitted correctly and not too tight or too loose, and that provide support for the feet. A good shoe also has a wide toe box and doesn’t cramp or pinch the toes or squeeze them into an unnatural position in the shoe.

If you haven’t been professionally sized for shoes make that a priority when you are out shopping this Black Friday. You may be surprised to find you actually have been buying the wrong shoe size for years.

Socks are Important in Foot Health Because …?
Socks are an additional cushion for your feet but they are also designed to prevent rubbing and irritation. Anyone with foot problems should be choosing socks with care and with their foot health in mind. Look for socks that wick away moisture, provide a good fit without constricting the feet and toes and that are comfortable for you to wear.

Exercise Helps in Foot Health by …?
Getting your regular exercise using foot healthy activities is a part of a lifestyle that encourages weight management, increased circulation and blood flow, and helps to keep your legs and feet strong and healthy.

Routine walking at least three times a week for 30 minutes in well fitted walking shoes will help you to stay healthy and keep your feet and lower legs in great shape. In addition by walking all year round you will have lots of stamina to do those all day shopping marathons on Black Friday and throughout the Thanksgiving holidays.