Shoe Hall of Shame: Shoe or Grandma’s Shopping Cart?

bad shoes shoe hall of shame

Another entry into our Shoe Hall of Shame! Where do you even begin with this one?

These interesting shoes have been created by Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levy, and show off his fascination with the shoe, and the way he has reinterpreted it through household objects. What do we think? Awful! Designer Kobi says, ”I see these shoes as wearable sculptures. It is important to me that they will be real shoes and not sculptures or toys”. Each shoe can actually be worn (though you might get some sideways stares) and the designer claims that they’re comfortable- we’re not so sure.

From a podiatry viewpoint, where do these shoes go wrong?  Everywhere.  It appears that there’s little to no padding on the sole, the heel is elevated to dangerous heights, and the little wheels on the back are hazardous.  While these may be functional according to the designer, we’d hope that they remain on a shelf as an example of pop art.