Shoe Hall of Shame: Louboutin Ballerina Heels

So, after much consideration, and after many patients arriving at my practice with severe foot pain directly related to their shoes, I present to you:shoe hall of shame christian louboutin ballerina heels painful shoes michigan podiatrist

Dr. Anthony Weinert’s Shoe Hall of SHAME!

What was Christian Louboutin thinking when he designed these shoes?  How far do you think the average woman can walk in a pair of these?

In my practice, I seen women and men from all walks of life, and with all sorts of foot and ankle problems.  More often than not, they come to me due to excruciating foot pain, sometimes citing pain that’s so bad they’re considering retirement or disability because they’re not able to work.  In almost every scenario, their foot pain is exacerbated by inadequate or downright BAD shoes.  Bad, ill-fitting, or downright dangerous shoes can incite terribly painful bunions in some people (and many people are genetically predisposed to bunions), and can pose as a trip or fall hazard in addition to lacking support or creating strain on the bones and ligaments of the foot and ankle.  So why do people do this?  Is it for style?  For “high fashion”?

Check out this individuals attempt at walking in these “ballerina heels”.  Does that look comfortable?  Does it scream elegance and style?

The woman in this video is hobbled, and can barely walk.  There’s nothing sexy about stumbling and having to grasp at the wall in order to stand, and it’s even less attractive to fall and break your ankle.  I’ll acknowledge that these shoes are more for “art” than for function, and that they’re not likely to ever show up in my practice- however, I think it’s crucial to point out that heeled shoes are reaching dangerous heights, and “couture” shoes like this from big name designers only add to the problem.

Here’s the bottom line:  these shoes are impractical, inelegant, and truly dangerous for anyone to wear.  I can’t think of a better shoe to be first in my Shoe Hall of Shame.

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