Omar Infante, Sidelined with an Ankle Sprain

Omar Infante of the Detroit Tigers may not be back in the game any time soon.  Omar Infante, the second baseman for the stellar Detroit baseball team, sprained his left ankle during Colby Rasmus’ slide in the Toronto game.

omar infante ankle sprain

Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers favorite has been sidelined and recovering since then, missing out on crucial games.  Infante has had to undergo an MRI to determine the severity of the injury.

Head athletic trainer Kevin Rand confirmed that Infante’s bruised left shin, which took the brunt of the damage from Rasmus’ takeout slide at second base, is no longer a hindrance. The ankle problem, however, is a sprain rather than a contusion.

Infante told “I did some light running today, but it wasn’t easy. I can’t run or jog. I can’t do nothing.”

Ankle sprains can happen to anyone, and cause severe pain and the inability to exercise or practice.  Omar Infante and the team of Detroit Tigers physicians did the right thing in getting his injury examined thoroughly, to rule out some of the common injuries that are mistaken for an ankle sprain. Sometimes people assume that no long term damage is done if the bones aren’t fractured, and they mistakenly try to “play through the pain” and often put themselves at risk for chronic ankle pain.  Omar Infante should be severely limiting his time on the affected ankle, and should be resting and recovering, despite missing some of the more crucial games this year.

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