New Medical Breakthrough Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy

Dr Weinert is seeing dramatic results with a new medical breakthrough for Diabetic Neuropathy and most forms of Peripheral Neuropathy. Dr Weinert utilizes a combined electrochemical treatment paired Electronic Signal Treatment which he refers to CET with EST treatment. He utilizes a myodynamic machine device which utilizes state of the art technology developed by a NASA scientist and electrical engineer .

Combined electrochemical treatment (CET) is very effective and a critical cornerstone in the treatment.  Dr Weinert is trained to use CET and specializes in lower extremity nerve conditions including peripheral neuropathy.  He states  “Nerve related complaints make up a bulk of my practice especially with the high diabetic patient population.”  CET has provided successful means of treating a very frustrating condition for both the patient and doctor. Dr Weinert can pre treat nerve entrapment patients to increased surgical outcomes.

More than 100 kinds of neuropathy exist and is part of the problem with treating its underlying cause.  People are experiencing the symptoms of the actual disease and cause of neuropathy such as Diabetes or Trauma.  Currently patients are treated with “nerve pain” medications which has many side effects.  Some patients may have nerve entrapments which need to be addressed via a small decompression procedure.  We need to look at neuropathy and treatment in different ways according to the cause and where the neuropathy ultimately stems from.

Dr Weinert has opened a Neuropathy Pain Center in Michigan and is the only doctor in Michigan that utilizes the following extensive diagnostic and examination protocols and neuropathy staging which include: Lower extremity neurological  testing and examination, Neuropathy Blood Panel Analysis, Epidermal nerve fiber density (ENFD) testing, Radiographic/dynamic  Fluoroscopic imaging, Gait analysis evaluation for stability and fall prevention, DNA Genetic Testing, and more.

Patients are often told that there is nothing that can be done for them with regards to their neuropathy. It’s the medical breakthrough that these neuropathy patients have been looking for and gives them new hope in helping with their neuropathy. Contact Dr Weinert’s office to schedule a consultation.  You can also visit his office website at  for more information or to request a  free copy of Dr Weinert’s Book, Stop Feet Pain Fast – A Users Guide to Foot and Ankle Health