The Benefits of Essential Oils As Natural Alternative Foot Medicine

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot specialist and recognized authority as well as leading expert on foot health and wellness practicing in both Warren and Troy, Michigan talks about the benefits of essential oils as natural alternative foot medicine.

More and more people today are concerned about the increasing reliance on prescription medications, many which have significant possible side effects with both short and long term use.

For these patients, and for those that are interested in holistic podiatry options, the use of essentials oils as natural alternative foot medicine just makes good sense. Essential oils, when massaged gently into the bottom of the feet are absorbed through the skin and into the small blood vessel in the foot within 30 seconds. Then, in just 30 minutes, the chemicals in the essential oil that is beneficial to the body are available to literally every cell.

Common Essential Oils for Foot Care

There are several important essential oils that can be applied directly to the feet to help with a variety of different health issues. However, it is important to talk to your holistic podiatrist about the use of essential oils, especially if you are using other topical creams, lotions or medications.

  • Tea tree oil – this is a common oil that is well known for anti-fungal abilities as well as to assist as a natural deodorizing oil. It will also provide softening to the skin and is ideal for anyone that needs a daily foot soak or bath.
  • Lavender – lavender, besides smelling wonderful, is a great option for wound healing. It can be applied to blisters, sores, irritated areas of the skin as well as itchy areas on the soles of the feet. Inhaling lavender while rubbing it into the soles of your feet will promote a great sleep.
  • Eucalyptus – this essential oil is a natural anti-bacterial oil and will help to boost the immune system. It can be used when the feet are tired to help to not only relieve aches and pains but also to address general feelings of exhaustion or fatigue.
  • Chamomile – commonly used in teas to promote sleep, the essential oil can be used to reduce inflammation throughout the body and to also help with reducing any skin damage. Chamomile can be combined with lavender before bed to promote both healing as well as natural sleep.
  • Peppermint – this is a very concentrated essential oil and should be diluted with a carrier oil, which is often almond oil, before use. It is great to help to reduce the pain or ache of a long day on your feet. It is a natural stimulant for the rest of the body helping you to feel more awake and invigorated.

If you have not used essential oils before remember to use the recommended dosage only, dilute as indicated, and discontinue use if any skin irritation occurs.

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