Michigan Foot Doctor Tips On Plantar Warts

Plantar Warts: What You Need To Know

If you have ever experienced a plantar wart then you are certainly not alone. In fact, about 10% of the entire population in the United States will have a Plantar wart at some point in time in their life. Although unsightly typically this common skin condition will go through its cycle and disappear, however in some people they can become significantly larger and more painful.

Plantar warts can easily spread from person to person. They are caused by the human papilloma virus, actually as many as 10 different types of the virus, and typically start by tiny, almost undetected cuts on the skin of the foot. They can be easily transmitted in community showers, by walking barefoot in locker rooms or public areas, or even between members of a family by contact with bathtubs, showers and flooring if there is a person with Plantar warts in the home.

Over time and as the plantar warts grow and spread they can develop into clusters or groups called mosaic warts. They may appear to be a corn or a callus on the bottom of the foot but they may bleed and cause pain when pressure is applied through standing or when touched.

Treatment options for plantar warts include:

  • Over the counter topical salicylic acid that actually peels away the skin covering the wart and allows the body to heal
  • Cryotherapy – a doctor can apply liquid nitrogen to the wart to actually freeze the skin and cause it to form a blister. This blister will be present for about 5 days and then it will peel off, taking the layers of wart with it.
  • Acids and skin removal – very thin layers of skin are removed by your doctor followed by treatments of strong acids (trichloracetic or bichloracetic acid) which is repeated weekly until the wart is gone.
  • Laser treatment – this causes the blood vessels to the wart to stop supplying blood and allows the wart to die and simply slough off.

In every extreme cases minor surgery may be used to remove the plantar wart as an out-patient produced but is usually the last option when all else fails.

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