Michigan Foot Doctor provides Little Scars but Big Foot Benefits

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot and ankle specialist with practice locations in Troy and Warren, Michigan has helped many patients with foot and ankle pain. Dr Weinert talks about a minimally invasive procedure he performs that allows you to get back on your feet with no pain and virtually no scarring.

If you find yourself needing surgery for some sort of foot ailment, if the option for arthroscopic surgery is for you, take it. Not only does this form of surgery provide smaller scars, it can also get your back on your feet that much quicker.

The most common foot and ankle injuries that can see the most success from arthroscopic surgery are fractures, arthritis, bone spurs, Achilles tendon injuries and exercise-induced problems.

The arthroscopic procedure involves making several tiny incisions which are ultimately less painful and also provides fewer complications for patients. Arthroscopic procedures have been around for centuries, but thanks to major advancements in technology, podiatric surgeons are now able to repair ailments with high-tech cameras and other surgical equipment that can make incisions as small as ¼ inch.

Because of the advancements in technology, patients of all ages are now able to enjoy the benefits of arthroscopic surgery. The patients who benefit from this the most, however, are those who are particularly active such as athletes and also older, sicker patients. However, as surgical techniques continue to evolve, the incisions will continue to get smaller and the benefits will continue to get bigger.

If you or your loved one is suffering with foot and ankle pain, contact Dr Weinert’s office at 586-751-3338 (Warren) or 248-362-3338 (Troy) to schedule your appointment (often same day). You can also visit his website at www.stopfeetpainfast.com to get some more information on arthroscopic surgery. While visiting Dr Weinert’s website you can request a FREE copy of his book “Stop Feet Pain Fast – A User’s Guide to Foot and Ankle Health” by clicking on the Book Request and your FREE copy will be sent right out to you.