Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment utilizing advanced NASA technology

     There are many patients currently suffering with Neuropathy and are taking “nerve pill” medications daily such as Cymbalta and Lyrica which are masking their neuropathy issues and causing many side affects including depression.  There are over 35 million people diagnosed with lower extremity peripheral neuropathy and well over 5 million people that have Neuropathy but have not been diagnosed yet.  Dr. weinert has formulated a neuropathy center that incorporates the diagnosis, education, and treatment of lower extremity peripheral neuropathy in a comprehensive care environment.
     Dr Weinert believes in increased effectiveness of treatment with combined action and increased cooperation by patients with neurometabolic therapy and elimination of nerve pain medications.  Dr Weinert wants to make a difference in the lives of patients suffering with peripheral neuropathy by utilizing advanced diagnostic and treatment options to his patients . The treatment plans are specific to their individual patients needs in order to eliminate the CAUSE of nerve destruction and what ultimately is causing the symptoms.  Dr Weinert established a Neuropathy Pain Center which utilizes an Evidence Based Medicine approach to reducing neuropathy pain and facilitate the healing of nerves.
    Don’t assume if your Diabetic that you have diabetic neuropathy. Don’t be stripped of your hope. Dr Weinert will increase your quality of life and help with your balance and stability to prevent you from falling and prevent the possibility of fractures from the fall. If you or your loved one is suffering with any of the following symptoms : burning, shooting pains, tingly sensations, numbness,  electric shocks in feet, restless legs, pins and needles sensations, unbearable nerve pain in feet at night and can’t sleep, or loss of balance and coordination while walking, you more than likely are suffering from a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Contact Dr Weinert’s office to schedule your consultation. Or you can visit his neuropathy pain website at : for more information on peripheral neuropathy.