What’s Going on with Lebron James Feet? Michigan Podiatrist Weighs In

What is going on with Lebron James feet?!

lebron james feet foot

The 6-foot-8 superstar is one of the strongest, fastest and toughest players in the NBA. He’s won four NBA MVP awards on the strength of his impeccable physique and impossible-to-stop athleticism.

So you can imagine why some people were surprised to see that James’ body is, in fact, less than perfect. The 28-year-old’s toes, the subject of some controversy in the past, have returned to the public eye. And they’re not looking so great.

James, his fiancee Savannah Brinson and some friends were vacationing in Europe when this photo was snapped of the MVP.

The photo, surfacing on Reddit over the weekend, has drawn such comments as:

“The Lone Phallanger” -in reference to his pinky toe being distant and distinctly out-of-line from the others

and “His toes should spread out more and play zone defense.” & “It looks like his toes are cold and they’re huddling together for warmth :3”

The reactions are amazing, with media outlets like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post covering the newly surfaced photos.  But why? We tend to think it’s because a.) you’d never expect an althete like Lebron James to have such a serious problem with the feet he relies on in every game and b.) because we don’t talk about MEN’s foot health, and generally foot problems are associated with women.

Some Redditors theorized that maybe wearing tight basketball shoes all his life caused Lebron James’ feet to deform, due to a poor childhood when shoes his size may not have been available.

“It’s not that strange,” Reddit user CaptainNoBoat explained. “He probably had an unusually shaped foot growing up (longer than normal, or wide toes.) Finding a shoe that fit probably pushed his toes up and together. Lots of prolific athletes get oddly-shaped feet from their footwear.”

It’s true that LeBron James isn’t the only athlete with scary-looking feet. Many users in the Reddit thread pointed out that world-class sprinter Usain Bolt has ugly feet too, most likely caused by wearing sprinting shoes too much.

The takeaway from all this hubbub over Lebron James’ feet is this:  no matter who you are, foot care and attention to footwear choices is imperative. Wearing improperly fitting shoes can do damage to your foot alignment as they grow, as well as damaging skin and nerves.  In the case of Lebron James, seeking the help of a podiatrist early on may have mitigated some of the damage and misalignment of his toes.

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