Landing On Your Feet (Properly) In 2015

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot specialist and recognized authority as well as leading expert on foot health and wellness practicing in both Warren and Troy, Michigan talks about starting a new exercise routine and considerations for your feet and their health.

landing on feetThe time has almost arrived to get started on the annual New Year’s Resolution tradition. If you are like most people you probably have goals that include getting in better shape, including losing those few extra pounds, and also becoming more active to help maintain and healthy weight after the weight loss is complete.

For people that are not currently active, or for those that are starting a new excise routine, there are some very important considerations for your feet. Remember that your feet take all the pressure and punishment when you walk, jump, move and run and those few extra pounds translate into a lot of additional pressure. Protecting your feet to avoid sprains, strains and issues such as heel pain, plantar fasciitis and tendon problems requires a few simple and easy to follow guidelines.

Right Shoes for the Right Exercise Routine

While it may be trendy to have a lot of different dress shoes, it is more than just a fashion statement to have the right shoes for the right type of exercise. Running shoes, cross trainers, walking shoes and even weight training shoes are all designed differently to support your feet and ankles through a different range of motion.

They also have different soles, different features and different levels of support for your tender tootsies. Always buy the best quality shoe that you can that is specifically designed for your exercise routine. Talk to your podiatrist for ideas about the right type of footwear.

Start Slow

Your feet need to get in shape just like the rest of your body, so start slow and choose low impact exercises. Limit both time and intensity of things like walking, jogging, jumping or running and gradually increase in duration and intensity as your body becomes leaner and more fit.

Stretch Before and After

Stretching the lower legs, ankles and the feet before and after exercise is important. A good exercise for these areas is to sit on the floor legs extended straight in front of you and toes up. Using a towel loop it around the top of the feet and, keeping your legs down and straight, slowly pull back on the towel. You should feel a gentle stretch down the back of the leg and through the heel and the bottom of the foot.

Rotate your ankles and rock from the heels to the toes several times and well to really get your feet ready for any excise session, even just going for that brisk after

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