“Heel No Pain’ Lidocaine Sprain: Numbing Your Pain Doesn’t FIX Your Pain

Picture this:  you spray your feet with a topical anesthetic and are able to walk around in awful uncomfortable shoes all day.  Sounds like a miracle fix, right?

Wrong.  The spray,  called Heel No Pain/Style, is an FDA-approved foot numbing spray that claims to alleviate high heel aches for up to three hours.  Developed by a plastic surgeon (that should tell you something!), the Heel No Pain spray is meant to be applied before wearing heels, and the effects dissipate in 2-3 hours.  A quote: “The pain simply dissipates and lasts two to three hours,” she told the Daily Mail. “It’s certainly enough to get you through a red carpet event.”“I suffer my own fair share of foot pain,” Haworth said. “I’m a fashionista at heart, and I like stylish shoes.”

Randal Haworth developed the spray due to her clients (plastic surgery clients!) coming to her practice asking if there was something she could do to relieve their foot pain. From pads being placed on the balls of their feet to painful injection, Haworth was motivated to come up with a simple solution to high heel foot problems many women face.  Her simple solution is to topically numb the foot, without addressing ANY of the problems that could be doing long term damage to the foot that, after being sprayed, can’t feel anything.

Let’s get one thing straight: pain is an indicator that something is WRONG.  As such, masking it means you’re not getting the crucial signals of the damage being done, and you’ll continue having damage done until the underlying cause is addressed.

A far better solution, created by a PODIATRIST, is Hyprocure.  For those ‘fashionistas’ who don’t feel comfortable committing to an orthotic device that might not fit into their latest shoe-du-jour, the Hyprocure stent acts like an invisible built-in orthotic.  The stent procedure ensures the proper alignment of your foot, and virtually eliminates pain.  Additionally, it ensures that nerves aren’t further pinched, no more damage is done, and that you won’t feel double the pain the next day (as I’m sure you would with a lidocaine spray!).

The bottom line is:  there is a solution for pain stemming from wearing high heels/improper footwear.  Orthotics are a good start, corrective surgery helps (especially in the case of bunions), and the Hyprocure stent surgery is the gold standard in reduction of foot pain from misaligned feet.  If you or a loved one are suffering, don’t hesitate to contact us today at our Troy podiatrist office!