Happy Trick or Treaters Need Happy Feet!

October 29 - kid-215032Halloween may well be the only special day on the calendar that is based around physical activity, at least if you do the traditional trick or treating routine. Even in the new styles of trunk or treating or community based gatherings there is still a lot of walking for the feet of little ghosts, witches, princesses and superheroes, not to mention that of parents, and they can get sore if not properly cared for.

The Best Shoes for Kids
Getting the right shoes for Halloween day and night while still looking cool in their costume is essential, and Mom and Dad can really help out by making the right suggestions. This is particularly true if the kids have an elaborate costume and were thinking of wearing shoes that are not their typical footwear.

Ideally try to find a shoe that is practical for a child to wear. A good quality athletic shoe that fits correctly and provides support can always be decorated to be in theme with the costume. These shoes will be warm and lightweight and sure to keep little feet happy for hours of candy collecting and party fun.

If your children want to dress up as witches, pirates, cowboys or any other characters with typically pointy toed shoes look for styles that still have a wider toe box or, for a great princess look, a very low heel with an open toe. Of course this only works if you are trick or treating indoors, for outdoors look for a royal looking pair of low heeled boots and add some bling.

Don’t Forget the Treats
The real treats for busy Halloween feet are thick, soft and moisture wicking socks. These will help the feet stay dry while also helping to reduce the risk of blisters. It is a great idea for Mom and Dad to bring along a change of shoes for each of the kids as well as a few band aides to help reduce the risk of blisters becoming worse throughout the night.

Mom and Dad should also wear comfortable, supportive shoes and top quality socks themselves. This will allow you to enjoy the entire evening without any discomfort due to blisters, sore feet or incorrectly fitting footwear.