Forget About Your Smile: Focus On Cosmetic Procedures For Your Feet

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot specialist and recognized authority as well as leading expert on foot health and wellness practicing in both Warren and Troy, Michigan talks about focusing on cosmetic procedure for your feet.

While you can’t forget about your smile when you want to look your best, you also can’t forget about your feet. Many people are living with foot problems and deformities that make them self-conscious. There are many cosmetic procedures that can be used to correct these issues and give you the confidence that you need to wear those fancy sandals, go for a walk on the beach, or to enjoy playing barefoot in the yard with the kids.

Cosmetic Procedures for the Feet

Cosmetic surgery, which may also be known as aesthetic surgery can correct a lot of the common issues that people have in their love-hate relationship with their feet. Changing the way that you think about your feet will have amazing results in many areas of your life.

Understanding a few of the common issues and how they can be corrected should give you a few ideas of what to talk to your podiatrist about.

  • Hammer toes – these are very common and involve the involuntary and permanent bending of the toes. This gives your feet the constant look of scrunching up the toes. Through surgery they can be straightened, giving you beautiful feet and much less pain when wearing shoes.
  • Foot narrowing – for women in particular excessively wide feet post a shoe sizing problem and may be a correction that they really want to make. Through cosmetic procedures your feet can be narrowed to a certain extent, making them more balanced in appearance.
  • Bunion surgery – it is possible through cosmetic surgery to shift the big toe to correct the lump on the side of the foot that is known as a bunion. Again, while cosmetic in nature this will also help you with foot pain when wearing specific types of shoes.
  • Toes – toes can be lengthened, shortened and contoured to create a pleasing foot shape. In addition very large and wide toes can be narrowed to give a pleasant shape to each toe and the entire front of the foot.
  • Nails – toe nails can be resized and corrected if they have been damaged by injury or disease. It is also possible to correct problems with the nails that may have occurred with fungal damage or other causes.

If you are uncomfortable about something with your feet talk to your podiatrist. There are procedures to deal with almost any issue or concern that you have, allowing you to feel great about your feet again.

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