Plan a Foot Pain Free Visit to the Detroit Auto Show

Are you as excited about the North American International Auto Show (or, colloquially known as the Detroit Auto Show) as we are?  It’s a huge event in downtown Detroit, and throngs of people fill the arena center at Cobo every year to attend it.  Of course, with so many in attendance and a show so big, you inevitably are on your feet for a long time… potentially several hours, of both standing and walking.  The Detroit Auto Show is a recipe for foot pain, but there are ways to avoid or minimize it.

Follow those simple steps to prevent and minimize foot pain:


Use new gel insoles inside your shoes. Good insoles provide added support which will help prevent foot pain at the end of the day. Make sure to replace your gel insoles before they wear out completely.


Make sure you are wearing the right size shoes. Wearing the wrong size shoe can cause major foot pain. Keep those details in mind when looking for the best shoes for standing all day: the heel shouldn’t move when walking, the side of the shoes should fit nicely without causing discomfort, and you should have room for your toes to move (about the width of your thumb). If in doubt, see your podiatrist for a proper fitting.


Reduce the pressure on your feet while attending by walking instead of standing still. If you can’t walk, shift from one foot to another. While standing on one foot, lift the other slightly and rotate the ankle. This will give your foot a break and help prevent pain.  Take frequent breaks to sit when you can.


Wear quality socks. Good socks can make the difference between pain free feet and sore feet. Quality socks provide additional cushioning. Look for thick cotton or wool socks to prevent blisters. Socks with holes should be replaced.


Wear custom orthotics if you have them.  If you often experience foot pain and fatigue, custom orthotics are a step in the right direction to correct foot imbalances and prevent pain while walking and standing.  Our office offers custom orthotics that are 100% accurate, and come with a lifetime guarantee- call us for details!

We hope these tips help to ensure your Detroit Auto Show experience is pain free, and that you have a great time seeing all the new toys the auto manufacturers bring out!  Let us know on Facebook or Google+ what your favorite car was!