Christmas Treats For Happy Feet

dec15smallerDr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot specialist and recognized authority as well as leading expert on foot health and wellness practicing in both Warren and Troy, Michigan talks about fun Christmas gift giving ideas for happy feet:

If you have one of those very difficult to buy for people on your Christmas list, and everyone has at least in the family, buying them a gift that caters their tender tootsies may be just the gift idea you have been looking for.

Often people with everything don’t spend a lot of money on pampering themselves. You will be surprised at the number of options that you have to give them the gift of happy feet this Christmas.

Below are gifts that anyone would be happy to find under their tree this festive season. These gifts are very reasonably priced and you can choose from different options to choose just the right combination to match your gift list needs.

A Christmas Foot Basket
A fun gift to give is a fully customized “Happy Feet” Christmas basket. You can use any size or type of basket, a large spa bucket, or even decorate a shoe or boot box with Christmas images for a completely themed gift. Inside you can provide different products such as:

• Organic or natural foot creams and lotions. Peppermint scents are always a favorite for the feet and for the season.
• Loofah for exfoliating the bottom of the feet in the bath along with some exfoliating soap and bath oil.
• A pedicure set in a handy travel case.
• Loofah slippers that are unique way to exfoliate your feet as you walk around the house.
• Warm and cozy winter socks that are perfect for lounging around after your bath or shower.

Foot Massaging Products
There are a range of different types of massager units for the feet. You can choose a lower leg and foot massager or a hydro-therapy type of foot bath and massager combination. Look for models that offer different massage settings as well as heat options so that the user can customize their foot massage experience.

If you want to go low tech there are also some great foot balls and foot sticks that you use as rollers under your feet. These are terrific for people with plantar fasciitis or heel pain and are a healthy way to stimulate circulation while providing a relaxing stretch.

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