Burning & Aching Feet: Top 10 Causes

There are many potential causes of the common symptoms of pain and a burning sensation in the feet. Something as simple as wearing socks with a lot of friction against your skin or wearing ill-fitting shoes can bring on a high level of discomfort, if only temporarily.  Exploring the causes below will help you narrow down the scope of what might be causing your discomfort, and will help you make the decision to seek medical care when necessary.

  • Allergies: your skin may be sensitive to the chemicals & materials used in your socks and shoes. If the discomfort only manifests when wearing certain materials, and allergy test is in order.
  • Overweight: standing for long periods when you’re overweight may increase swelling in your feet, strain your arches, and result in aching, tingling, and numb feet.
  • Shoes & socks: ill-fitting shoes and sweaty socks are common culprits of painful buring feet. Getting properly fittedfor shoes and wearing socks made of natural fibers will likely reduce or eliminate the problem.
  • Frostbite: brrr! Watch out for damage from frostbite! When it’s cold out, take extra precaution to wear proper protective cold weather shoes to avoid this cause of stinging, burning, numb and painful feet.
  • Diabetes: one of the earliest symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes is foot pain characterized by shooting sensations, burning, and aching. See your doctor to be checked for diabetic neuropathy.
  • Circulatory Problems: if you know of or suspect you have circulatory problems, you should see your doctor if you experience sore, numb, tingling feet.
  • Fungal Infections: often our feet are in a damp environment, which can lead to a fungal infection.  Athlete’s foot is a very common cause of itching, sore, burning feet- and is readily treatable.
  • Vitamin Deficiency: the CIDPUSA Foundation has suggested that a possible cause of painful, burning and aching feet might be a vitamin B deficiency.  Seek relief by increasing intake of vitamin B complex, particularly B6
  • Neurological Disorders: neuromas and pinched nerves may be responsible for sharp, stabbing, painful, sensations.  Seek the advice of a qualified doctor to find out if a neurological condition is responsible.
  • Alcohol: alcohol consumption dilates blood vessels and capillaries in the feet, and the increase in bloodflow can be felt as painful burning in the feet and legs. Alcoholic neuropathy is a very real danger, with sensations similar to diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

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