Athletes Caring for Your Feet

Whether you are a professional athlete that plays daily or an athlete the plays once in a while, you need to care for your feet. The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going to be proactive or reactive. Dr Anthony Weinert, a foot and ankle specialist with practice locations in both Warren and Troy, Michigan discusses some tips on foot care for all those athletes and weekend warriors out there.

When you are reactive you are fixing blisters with mole skin and taping up your hot spots. Does that sound like you? What it really means is that you are fixing the problem with your foot when conditions are less than ideal.

The opposite of that would be to act in a proactive manner, which means that you treat any potential foot problems before they actually develop a problem. To do this you will need to know what tools are available. For example, you might find a good blister cream or you might tape your ankles for a race.

As an athlete, footwear is your number one concern. You need to have shoes that fit properly and are designed for the terrain you will be on. You need to make sure they are properly broken in. You might even consider using a double sock combination.

When you can, during training, do it barefoot, because it is much healthier for your feet. Prevention can go a long way in keeping your feet healthy and free of pain. By preventing hot spots, sore arches, etc. in advance, your feet are prime before you even start, so it’s far less likely that they are going to be hurting when you are done with your physical activity. Not being preventative sets you up for a great deal of trouble and the potential for injury during your race or your hike.

If you do land up with blisters don’t just slap on some moleskin, learn how to correctly fix it so that you can continue to do your activity the next day and the day after that, without your injury bothering you.

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