Dr. W Podiatrist Shoe Review: Adidas Springblade Shoe Review

Dr. Anthony Weinert, Michigan podiatrist: Adidas Springblade Shoe Review

Runners, get ready- there’s a new shoe ready to improve the performance of amateurs and athletes alike. The Adidas Springblade is making the rounds on news sites and blogs, and deservedly so-  this strange looking running adidas springblade podiatrist reviewshoe is the product of over six years of research and design from the Adidas Innovation Team, during which time they searched high and low for materials with the best durability and energy-efficiency to make the concept a reality.  The technology behind them is so impressive, they were even covered by Popular Mechanics.

These shoes are designed for short, explosive bursts of speed, making them great for sprinters, and far different than the current Adidas Boost shoes on the market.  With the assistance of the angled, elastic blades, runners are able to launch ahead of the competition while using less energy.  These shoes are a far cry from the “kangaroo shoes” of old, those spring-heeled shoes that did absolutely nothing for the wearer besides look horrendous.  As Mikal Peveto, in charge of Adidas North America running products, states in an article  “They have one of the highest energy returns that we’ve tested. What’s unique is that they don’t return energy vertically; they return it horizontally.” Rather than being “bouncy” these sneakers make you spring forward with ease.

While we wait for sites like Runners World to provide a comprehensive test, podiatrist Dr. Weinert weighs in on how these shoes will benefit runners:

“After reviewing the video and documentation on the Adidas Springblade, I’m impressed.  These shoes should help runners improve their speed, and more importantly, prevent injuries such as shin splints, Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, & ankle and knee pain.  The shoe propels a runner forward and the blades provide shock absorption and decreased strain on joints, tendons, and the ligaments of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, lower back and the rest of the musculoskeletal system.  I especially like the heel counter design as it keeps the heel bone (calcaneus) which is in the rear of the foot in a stabilized position, thus stabilizing the rest of the foot as well (forefoot). This can even help people currently experiencing pain or other symptoms or injury, as these shoes could allow them to continue staying active while the body is healing,   as the strain and forces acting on the foot are decreased.

The Adidas Springblades would be great for runners and even athletes (high school, college, olympic, and professional) as they are training and will improve their speed and give them that extra edge over others (without using performance enhancing hormones like we’ve been seeing in the news lately). I like that the upper of shoe is mesh to allow breathing of feet decreasing chances of getting tinea pedis (athletes foot), blistering, or foot/shoe odor. The upper of the shoe will also be able to accommodate and decrease friction and irritation of those people who have foot deformities such as bunions or hammertoes (contracted toes). These shoes will also help decrease strain and forces on joints, tendons, ligaments, on obese individuals, allowing them to walk pain free and helping to decrease their weight, and improve the health of their heart, their cholesterol levels, and better manage or prevent diabetes.”


The verdict?  Dr. Weinert says “I am going to buy a pair for myself as I feel confident in the science and benefits it will provide.”


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