3 Simple Steps to Stop Your Feet From Smelling

 Do you take your shoes off at the end of the day, and then wish you could separate yourself from your stinky feet? Do you wish that you could plug your nose and remove your shoes all at the same time, because otherwise you want to puke? If you answered yes, you’ll want to read on for ways to minimize your stinky feet. Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot and ankle specialist with practice locations in Troy and Warren, Michigan has 3 simple steps you can take to stop your feet from smelling.

1. Match Your Shoes to The Purpose – If you are going to be running buy running shoes. If you are going to be walking buy walking shoes. If you are going to be working, buy shoes that are appropriate for work. When you wear the wrong shoes it can have a very negative effect on your feet, which can lead to foot odor.

2 .Different Shoes Every Day – If at all possible do not wear the same shoes two days in a row. This gives the germs a chance to breed and attach themselves. Taking away this opportunity makes it harder for the odor to build in your shoes.

3. Avoid Stains – You might not be aware that stains actually smell. So if you wear dark black socks that leach the dye out and stain your feet, it can actually cause your feet to smell. Black shoes with white socks will stain the socks and that will smell. So start thinking about your sock choices. White socks will sometimes cause yellow sweat stains, which can smell really bad. The solution is moisture wicking socks or antibacterial socks.

Follow these three simple steps for just a month and you will already start to notice a difference. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are using products to help with sweaty feet and the product is very cheap then you might consider that it may be better to choose a product that has a reputation for working even if it costs more. For more information on foot and ankle care, you can visit Dr Weinert’s webisite at www.stopfeetpainfast.com or to schedule an appointment you can contact his office at 248-362-3338 (Troy) or 586-751-3338 (Warren). You can also request a FREE COPY of Dr Weinert’s published book “Stop Feet Pain Fast – A Users Guide to Foot & Ankle Health” by going to his website and clicking on the FREE book request link and we will get it out to you immediately.