15 Minutes to Complete Foot Alignment with Hyprocure

Dr Anthony Weinert, a Michigan foot specialist and recognized authority as well as leading expert on foot health and wellness practicing in both Warren and Troy, Michigan talks about foot alignment and how it can be corrected in only 15 minutes!

When people have serious complications with the alignment of the bones in their feet they have constant pain. In the past the only options for correction were to undergo complex surgery and go through a lengthy recovery period or to wear custom orthotics for the rest of your life.

While custom orthotics and the traditional surgery was a good option for many patients, for an equal number it simply wasn’t. This was, and still is, a problem for women that enjoy wearing dress shoes that orthotics simply don’t work with.

The Alignment Problem

The most common cause of most pain in the lower body from the hips down to the feet is a misalignment of the ankle bone and the heel bone. This occurs when the back of the foot rotates inward and the bones slip over each other, creating problems with the joint and pain throughout the legs and lower back.

The Alignment Solution

Dr. Anthony Weinert has the solution to your foot realignment needs. In a short, 15 minute session in his state of the art surgical suite he can correct the problem and give you back your ability to enjoy your life without that chronic pain caused by your feet.

As with all patients you will be examined before the procedure to make sure you are a good candidate. We will also provide you with either a local anesthesia or a light sleep sedation depending on several factors.

HyProCure is a small medical device, actually a titanium stent, which will be placed in the space between the ankle and heel bones to create the range of motion that you have been missing. In some cases additional procedures may be recommended to address other damaged areas of the foot but this is really a patient to patient issue and is generally already known before the procedure is considered.

Since it is titanium, much like with dental implants, the tissue will grow around the stent and secure it in place. However, unlike dental implants HyPoCure is not implanted in your bones and the procedure is considered minimal invasive. Typically patients are walking normally again within about 4 to 6 weeks and back to full activity including sports, running and jogging very shortly thereafter.

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