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Happy Feet, Happy Life- Dr. Weinert corrects common foot problems so you can get back to enjoying life.

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Dr. Weinert performs surgery at the Troy Surgicare center- no long uncomfortable hospital visits!

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Why Choose Dr. Weinert?

Dr. Weinert’s office strives to make treatment accessible to all, accepting most forms of insurance as well as Care Credit to provide easy finance options to those individuals who might not be covered.
Dr. Weinert is a Master Surgeon in Hyprocure procedures. This means that when you elect to undergo this amazing, life-changing procedure, you’re working with someone who has more of these surgeries than other podiatrists, and who has the expertise to perform it safely and with superior results.
Dr. Weinert has worked on a variety of foot & ankle issues ranging from simple ingrown toenails to life-threatening diabetic charcot foot, and has the expertise to make sure that your treatment regime is top-notch. Dr. Weinert also utilizes top-of-the-line technology to get 100% accurate custom orthotics, as well as procedures like Hyprocure to achieve results that you can’t get from other podiatrists.
Dr. Weinert performs surgical procedures at the Troy Surgicare suite, a JCAHO accredited surgical facility near his Troy office. Avoid the hassles of a hospital visit by working with Dr. Weinert!

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best podiatrist in michigan
  As one of Michigan’s premier podiatric surgeons, Dr Weinert  is known for his caring, educating, and his overall concern for patient care and safety. Dr. Weinert prides himself on his holistic approach to foot care. Where many doctors only treat feet locally, he has the unique gift of being able to link foot problems to other, more comprehensive, underlying conditions in the body. He believes in the philosophy that the foot is the foundation to the entire musculoskeletal system. Dr Weinert also served for 8 years as the Chief of Podiatric Medicine & Surgery at Henry Ford Bi-county Hospital located in Warren, Michigan.  Dr Weinert also plays an active role in lecturing and training to residents in the Metro Detroit area.  Dr Weinert has served as team consultant for many high school, college, and professional sports teams in Michigan. These qualities make Dr. Weinert the go-to expert and recognized authority for many premier national media outlets, including radio, TV, internet and magazines, when it comes to articles and information on foot care.Dr. Weinert is also a published author of a book on foot & ankle wellness, titled Stop Feet Pain Fast. Dr Weinert believes in the motto “Happy Feet, Happy Life!”

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